Bolshevik words

The no longer immediate, from the Harold A. Fleming Papers, New York Public Library:



The freshly significant, retaught to us by Photoshop:

The illiterate is blind GaiK
A. A. Radakov (1920), “The illiterate is as a blind man. Failure and unhappiness await him everywhere.”
S. Ivanov (1920), “Reading is one of the obligations of a man.”

Under the Trump administration, librarians will get the respect they deserve

Russian Revolutionary Era Propaganda Posters, Harold M. Fleming Papers, Manuscripts and Archives Division, New York Public Library, Artist: N. Pomansky. Published 1919. Photoshopped.

The headline reads, “Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic. Workers of the world, unite. Day of Soviet Propaganda.” The caption reads, “Knowledge for all!” The four books behind the librarian’s peasant-booted right heel are titled History of Bondage (or History of Serfdom), Socialism, Capital, and Class Conflict, and the book behind his left elbow is titled History. The names on the pediments of the buildings are University, Academy, and Library.