Aristocrats and the economics of time

1935: for $2.98, an idea as modern as tomorrow.


1963: on the wall, Marx. On the wrist, not one blingwatch but two.



“Fidel Castro smoking a cigar while wearing two Rolex watches during a meeting with Khrushchev at the Kremlin, April 27th, 1963.”

Consider yourself duly scolded, and happy new year

“Aesthetic seduction is a risky gambit for a photographer who is interested in questioning the construction of what is recognized as normal.  In fact (and at the risk of invoking a series of critical commonplaces), I would suggest that many critics trained in the academic milieu since the 1980s would find it difficult not to pose certain questions about this work.  Does one think about challenging social, political, or cultural matters standing in front of images like this?  Or does one slip into the cosseting, velvety embrace of beauty?”

— Nathaniel Stein, “Confront Your Seduction:  Katie Koti’s asunder.”

Good point. Here: stop cosseting your velvety self, watch some TV, and get serious.

Crying News Anchor Breaks the News of Kim Jong Ils Death []