Forward backward

Forward then: fifty years after the era of Abraham Cahan, but still going strong. The headline reads, “Israel will not give up even a sliver of land.”

Yes, that’s Marlon Brando on the set of Guys and Dolls, about 1955.


Forward sixty years later, on November 7, 2015:

Comment streamer Ross Vachon is a full-time antisemite who has trolled online Jewish sites and their contributors for years. Working out of a California trailer court, he identifies himself variously as a photographer in search of a nude blonde, a security consultant, a Marine Corps officer, a descendant of the Marquis de Lafayette, a magazine publisher, a French intellectual, an applicant for membership in an online list for former Bunny waitresses at the old Playboy Clubs, and of course a movie star. A Google image search for his avatar brings up hundreds of links, all of them to comments in the Forward stream.

So what do you think, Forward: in the name of the Jewish tradition of justice to the stranger, wouldn’t you agree that it’s time to put Mr. Vachon on salary? As an online representative of your brand, he’s certainly helping to keep you in business.