Not comprehended by the sense of the text


The book’s title is A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language. To give you an idea of scale in the image, its length is x + 1779 pages.

What’s contemplating comprehension across the insuperable barrier of the human is one of Hawaii’s big cane spiders, Heteropoda venatoria. As its specific epithet implies, it’s also known as the huntsman spider. But it hunts in silence, without horns or ritual cries or marking of the cheeks of its offspring with the blood of its prey.

Some lines by Wallace Stevens


Until the rolling heaven made them blue,
A blue beyond the rainy hyacinth.



                                                                It must
Be the finding of a satisfaction, and may
Be of a man skating, a woman dancing, a woman
Combing. The poem of the act of the mind.


Sources: “Sea Surface Full of Clouds” and “Of Modern Poetry.”