Larry Clark and William Gedney: documentarians of the prehistory of the Trump era

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Forty years ago, the prophetic photographs were silent and still. We thought they were archaeologies of civilizations relegated to the archive. Now they pass among us in color and motion, telling us in their dead language what we have become and retweeting the corpus in the language of the undead. We are joining them in the archive.

The MFA in photography and Nazi porn without Nazis


you’ll find an article about the heavy-metal bassist Nikki Sixx, whose memoir in words and images, This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography, and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx (William Morrow, 2011) covers his recovery from substance abuse and his thoughts about current events. The photographs are largely devoted to amputees, people with scars, and obese people, and Mr. Sixx has published them, he says, in order that we may learn “what life is like for those whom society has labeled as freaks.” Here’s a video of Mr. Sixx explaining, with sample images.

Presumably to allow for sales in Germany, the Nazi shot required by the genre has been replaced at minute 3:10 with a shot from somewhere in the Socialist Camp.


In memoriam Walker Evans. In memoriam Lewis Hine. In memoriam Jacob Riis. In memoriam the last human being with a camera who saw someone suffering and yet didn’t take a picture for the portfolio.