Conservative aesthetics: a constructive suggestion

Following an incident in late February and early March 2012 when the conservative intellectual Rush Limbaugh spent three successive days on AM radio calling the Georgetown student Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute, then suggesting she make a sex tape and post it online for him to watch, two apologies followed — one on Mr. Limbaugh’s web page, then another on the air.

Another conservative intellectual, Cal Thomas, found that heartwarming. In his March 7 column, he wrote:

Limbaugh might resist this next suggestion, but I speak from experience, having had to apologize for a recent misstatement of my own. Limbaugh should invite Sandra Fluke to lunch and get to know her as a person, not a label. At the very least, he would send an important message that civility and strong political speech do not have to be contradictory.

Who knows, he might even persuade her to become a conservative. From his perspective, and mine, that would be a win-win for everybody, except liberals.

About that, a suggestion: by way of breaking the ice, why doesn’t Mr. Limbaugh also invite Ms. Fluke to a nice movie? It would be a conservative thing to do. After all, there is a precedent, right here:

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