In transit

I started saying it last year: Blogger, the Google program that was hosting The Art Part, seems unstable. Last year it decided to delete all the spaces between paragraphs in my archived posts, and a few days ago it did the same thing to another Blogger blogger, Jerome Rothenberg.

So for now I’m switching to WordPress. Transferring my image files here from Blogger turns out to be a complicated, expensive job, so (again, for now) I’ll just keep the old pages where they are, reachable by link from the bloglist on the right.

And now for a test picture:


This is an anaglyph (the kind you need to view through red-and-blue glasses) of a 1902 stereograph of Honolulu. If it works I’ll say more about it in another post, but now I’m about to click “Publish” and see what happens.

Does the full-screen toggle work? Does the picture enlarge when it’s clicked?