The dark contrast control

It’s one of Nik’s filters for Photoshop, and I’ve recently been using it to redo the images in some of my old blogposts. When the posts deal with history and its ironies, that little technical change turns out to deepen the illusion of meaning in the image. So here’s a magic kit from six years ago, now used a little better after some adult help.


Synthetic Cézanne: its components

Perspective with vanishing point

Shingles on short diagonals

Catenary straightening in the light

Rounded mountain:


Altoona left A

Altoona right A








Altoona anaglyph
Joseph M. Wilson, 1860: “View in Altoona [Pennsylvania], from the 3rd story west window of the Logan House. Allegheny Mts in the distance.” Charles F. Himes collection of stereographs by amateur photographers, Library of Congress, Requires anaglyphic (red and blue) stereo viewer.