Dear comment spammer, you’re absolutely right about the existential problem posed by reality

I quote your formulation of the problem below. But won’t you tell your readers your name?

I, to name just one reader, would like to thank you personally. Most of my students arrive in college having learned that any paper can be made longer by inserting the three-word phrase “the use of” before every noun, but in their clumsy hands that’s a mere automatism. They do it without thinking. But your substitution of “by using” for “with” in “filled by using punctuation difficulties” is a move that’s genuinely profound. It not only complicates the simple; it ascribes purposiveness and moral agency to error.

And then when you commit errors yourself, irony is created and your slice of rotten spam becomes a work of art to rival Baudelaire’s “Une Charogne.”

Thanks! Readers, admire!

needless to say just like your internet site but you have to take apple iphone 4 punctuation upon numerous within your threads. Many of them are filled by using punctuation difficulties so i believe it is very irritating to tell the reality on the other hand I am going to undoubtedly keep coming back all over again.