Note to self: the omens

Almost nobody reads this blog any more, or communicates with me in any other way. The remaining members of my once large extended family are now in my age range, and last month was the month I turned 83. I’m still a little vain about my little Issuu picture book about two incidents from Hawaii’s history,

but of the two Honolulu Star-Advertiser reporters I tried to contact, one ignored it and the other called it nonsense, complaining specifically that he didn’t understand the title.

Meanwhile, my Tumblr account is now only another symptom of old age. In Tumblr’s own decrepitude it does attract responses, however. Almost every day these days I receive a follow request with no content except a hint of picture porn and a sender’s name consisting of a random noun preceded by a random adjective. I block it, and the next day it pops back into the inbox under a different phrasal alias.

As to the WordPress blog you’re now reading, this morning WordPress informed me that it had acquired a pseudonymous follower. That was an event rare enough to cheer me up, so I happily clicked the link. Back came a notification that the account was under suspension for violating WordPress’s terms of service.

Question, therefore: