3 thoughts on “Our morning hymn this is, and song at evening

  1. I use to watch the eegrets fly over my boat every morning and evening. They must have been living at sand island.

  2. Since your time, the egrets of Oahu have become almost as ubiquitous as the mynahs. If you move back and you’d like to be hovered over by a white cloud of egrets, just wheel a lawnmower wherever you walk.

  3. Egrets a symbol of freedom and beauty, and the only good memory of Viet Nam for the traumatized veteran in Bobbie Ann Mason’s novel In Country who spots them near the VN War Memorial when he visits it with his niece Sam(antha) Hughes, when they visit it at the end of the book and she finds her own name on the Wall also. In the film, the traumatized uncle was played by Bruce Willis, who has entered his own purgatory these days.

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