My “Silver Practise”: old age and an ethical PS

Did you notice my phrase “translucent waxed paper”? If you were as old an English teacher as I am, you’d criticize the adverb there for redundancy. “Of course waxed paper is translucent,” you’d sneer. “So writing ‘translucent waxed paper’ is like writing ‘wet water.'”

But you aren’t as old as I am, are you? And you’ve never seen waxed paper, have you?

I myself not only remember how waxed paper looks, I remember how it feels when folded around a sandwich. One more historical datum which is about to disappear from time.

And about ethics: on page 20 of my Issuu book I got specific about some of the Photoshop manipulations I performed on the 1847 daguerreotype. The PS is that one more routine I applied was Topaz Labs’ AI Clear filter, which fills in missing detail by extrapolating from a database of what its algorithm guesses might be likely matches. The initials AI stand for Artificial Intelligence, and yes I should have mentioned that, because you see it introduces an element of fiction into what purports to be history.