Technical note: searching Google images

In 2018 Google removed the View image function from Google Images — a change that made the program harder to use as a resource for writing. Google commented at the time, “For those asking, yes, these changes came about in part due to our settlement with Getty Images this week.”

On August 6, 2019, Google took another step backward by moving preview images to a window at the side of the screen, where each one remains until it’s clicked away. According to this article, the change hasn’t been popular.

For the work I do on this blog, the 2018 change was an annoyance and the 2019 change made searching Google Images seriously clumsy. Fortunately, however, the add-on Google Images Restored reverses both changes. If Google takes it down I suppose the time will have come to switch to Bing or Duck Duck Go, but for now it works fine. It’s free, and it works with both Chrome and Firefox.