2 thoughts on “Attention

  1. Since I’ve never studied photography, I’m going to ask a stupid question: how does one achieve lighting up the object of one’s photo, without its(the light) showing u on the black background?
    P.S. Lovely photo!

    Virginia Bennett

    1. In this case — white blossoms in the shade, taken on a cloudy day — you underexpose the picture to get everything dark. That’s the camera part of the job. After that you do the computer part and lighten up the highlights with Photoshop.

      In the olden days that was done under the enlarger, using differently shaped cardboard paddles and pieces of cardboard with holes in them to modulate the light that fell on different areas of the printing paper. It was a skill that took constant practice over a period of years to acquire. Now, though, anybody with a computer can pick it up in almost no time. So homage to the great phototechnicians of the past like Ansel Adams, who made their hard task look easy.

      And thanks for your comment!

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